Monday, May 22, 2017

50,000 Sales!! Contest to follow.............. just hit 50,000 sales!!  ***

A CONTEST will be posted this week on my Facebook page! Many molds will be given away to more than one winner to mark this occasion!! 

Watch for it on my Facebook Page

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Some Examples of my Customer's Yummy Creations Using their Silicone Molds

These are just too pretty to eat!!!  Lollie Bakes is so talented! 

Here's another from Lollie Bakes.  So pretty!  

These are so Elegant! I love these!  This customer is such a sweetie too! 

These are so cute!! Love how they turned out! This customer had a 420 party and made these fabulous cupcakes using her Pot Leaf Mold at

These chocolate beauties are so lovely!  I love how the leaves are green. Edible icing? or an edible dust. Not sure but they are sure gorgeous!  

Thursday, March 23, 2017

New Molds! I've been experimenting with a new silicone. This silicone allows the resin to come out shiny! It is also an FDA certified Food Safe Silicone just like the purple silicone. Chocolate, Fondant and Sugar release so nicely! These molds will also work well with soap and wax, as does the purple! The new silicone will allow me to make more impressions in one mold! Should have a few new ones listed soon! Just listed some of these at You can find over 1000 molds at my other store  on Etsy on Etsy  on Etsy

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fondant Molds Baking Supplies Bakery Gorgeous Cookies Decorations Using Silicone Molds

Some cookies a very talented customer made using some of my silicone molds! Aren't these just gorgeous?!?!

Find Your Silicone Molds at to Make Gorgeous Cake Pops! Cupcake Toppers! Chocolates Or decorate your cakes and cookies using fondant, chocolate or gum-paste using Food Safe Silicone Molds! Find over 1000+ designs at

*** OR You can use Resin, soap, wax and clay in your molds! They work very well in the molds too! Just be sure to keep all food molds separate from your resin, clay ect. molds to avoid cross contamination.